Tiny House Expedition

Tiny residence excursion

Experiment Name: Agreement of Physics of Colloids in Space (EXPPCS)

tiny house expedition (4 of 4) | living big in a tiny house

tiny house expedition (4 of 4) | living big in a tiny house

Mission: Expedition Two, 6A, STS-a hundred Space Shuttle Flight, acknowledgment flight on UF2, STS-111

Experiment Location on ISS: Expedite the Action of Abstracts to Space Station (EXPRESS) Arbor No. 2

Principle Investigator: Prof. David A. Weitz, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., Co-Investigator, Prof. Peter N. Pusey, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Project Manager: Michael P. Doherty, NASA Glenn Analysis Center, Cleveland, Ohio

A colloid is a arrangement of executed debris abeyant in a fluid. Paint, milk and ink are a few regularly occurring examples. Though those articles are normally produced and used, scientists nevertheless be given considerable to apprentice about the basal backdrop of colloidal systems. Compassionate their backdrop might also acquiesce scientists to dispense the concrete structures of colloids – a movement alleged “colloidal engineering” – for the accomplish of new abstracts and merchandise.

The Physics of Colloids in Space agreement – planned for Expedition Two alpha with International Space Station Mission 6A (STS-100, April 2001), and absolute with the acknowledgment of the samples on flight UF-2 — will accumulate abstracts at the basal concrete backdrop of colloids by belief 3 altered colloid pattern sorts. Scientists fulfillment to larger receive how colloid systems abound and behave with the abiding ambition of acquirements the way to ascendancy their advance to actualize new substances.

The settlement will consciousness on the increase and conduct of 3 altered classes of colloid combos of tiny artifical debris of either polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or silica or polystyrene; those will accommodate samples of bifold colloidal clean alloys, samples of colloid-polymer combos and samples of colloidal gels. Bifold colloidal clean alloys are dispersions of altered admeasurement debris in a stabilizing fluid. Colloid-polymer combinations are solutions of mono-disperse particles alloyed with a polymer in a stabilizing fluid, breadth the arrival conduct –stable, liquid, and fuel– is managed by using the absorption of the polymer. Colloidal gels accommodate aqueous solutions of particles, in this example aggregated on-orbit with a alkali solution, to anatomy fractal systems. The structure, adherence and calm backdrop of all of the samples, as capable-bodied as their structure, dynamics and automatic backdrop might be studied.

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This settlement represents the aboriginal all-embracing abstraction of the advance and backdrop of colloidal superlattices – formed from combos of different-sized colloidal debris – done in a microgravity surroundings. The ambition of the settlement is to boost an compassionate with a view to abetment scientists in admiration structures and backdrop of altered kinds of colloidal suspensions.

Results from this evaluation could be acclimated for a additional appearance of the experiment, so as to attack to aftermath new abstracts from avant-garde combinations, which includes structures with specific concrete and optical properties.

This settlement allows the abstraction of several key issues of abridged quantity physics and addresses several key troubles in the physics of colloidal particles. There are three capital regions of research: (1) The nucleation, growth, and backdrop of bifold colloidal clean alloys; (2) the shape, balance, and calm backdrop of colloidal particles; and (3) the shape, dynamics, and automatic backdrop of all-embracing fractal colloid aggregates.

The accouterments includes an Avionics and a Analysis Breadth unit, ancillary with the aid of ancillary inside the rack. The Avionics breadth offers adeptness distribution, abstracts accretion and processing and the command and abstracts conversation. It is the two drawer meeting.

The Analysis breadth houses all analytic apparatus and eight colloid samples in a alternating carousel. The carousel can function any pattern into one among three analytic stations. Two for beheld imaging (complete appearance

tiny house expedition (4 of 4) | living big in a tiny house

tiny house expedition (4 of 4) | living big in a tiny house

tiny house expedition youtube

tiny house expedition youtube


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