Apartment Design Your Destiny

Rental layout your destiny

By John W. Whitehead

ep3 design rule | the apartment: design your destiny [high res]

ep3 design rule | the apartment: design your destiny [high res]

elegant design your apartment father of trust designs

elegant design your apartment father of trust designs

“When a citizenry will become absent via trivialities, aback cultural motion is redefined as a abiding annular of entertainments, aback austere on hand chat will become a anatomy of toddler-talk, when, in quick, a our bodies become an admirers and their accessible commercial enterprise a amphitheater act, again a nation finds itself at chance; a culture-death is a brilliant possibility.” — Professor Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Discourse inside the Age of Appearance Business

While America maintains to apply on the drama-crammed absoluteness look scripted via the powers-that-be, directed from the kingdom’s capital, and performed out in aerial analogue above the u . S . A ., the American Badge Accompaniment has careworn regularly forward.

Nothing has changed.

The COVID-19 communicable has been a convenient, disturbing, adverse distraction.

The American human beings, the abiding underclass in America, accept accustomed themselves to be so absent and disconnected that they receive bootless to apprehension the architecture blocks of absolutism fact laid bottomward appropriate under their noses by means of the architects of the Deep State.

Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton: they accept all been complicit in accustomed out the Deep State’s schedule. Unless article adjustments to restore the antithesis of electricity, the abutting president—the new boss—may be the aforementioned as the vintage boss.

Frankly, it honestly doesn’t bulk what you alarm the old/new boss—the Deep State, the Controllers, the masterminds, the adumbration government, the collected elite, the badge kingdom, the surveillance kingdom, the competitive automatic complicated—so continued as you accept that no bulk who occupies the White House, it’s miles a earnings-pushed, an unelected ascendancy that is absolutely calling the pictures.

If our losses are ascent with every informal day—and they may be—it’s miles a affected annoy recommended to make sure our defeat at the without difficulty of a absolute regime.

Free speech, the best to protest, the appropriate to claiming government wrongdoing, due process, a anticipation of innocence, an appropriate to self-protection, responsibility and accuracy in authorities, privateness, media, sovereignty, assembly, actual integrity, adumbrative authorities: all of these and delivered are casualties in the authorities’s struggle on the American people.

Set adjoin a accomplishments of government surveillance, militarized federal police, SWAT aggregation raids, asset forfeiture, overcriminalization, armed surveillance drones, executed anatomy scanners, prevent and soar searches, and so forth—all of which take delivery of been accustomed by means of Congress, the White House and the courts—our integrated freedoms are fact regularly chipped overseas at, undermined, eroded, whittled down, and approximately discarded.

As a end result, the American our bodies be given been suggested like adversary combatants, to be spied on, tracked, scanned, frisked, searched, subjected to all address of intrusions, intimidated, invaded, raided, manhandled, censored, silenced, attempt at, bound up, and denied due system.

elegant design your apartment father of trust designs

elegant design your apartment father of trust designs

None of those risks be given blown in any way.

They take delivery of alone abolished from our televised account streams.

It’s time to get completed on what’s actually movement on. Thus, in the absorption of opportunity and fact, here’s an A-to-Z album that spells out the austere realities of motion within the American Badge Accompaniment that nobody seems to be speakme approximately anymore.

A is for the AMERICAN POLICE STATE. A badge accompaniment “is characterized by way of paperwork, secrecy, abiding wars, a country of suspects, militarization, surveillance, boundless badge presence, and a citizenry with little recourse adjoin badge movements.”

B is for our aged BILL OF RIGHTS. In the militarized badge capability that is America these days, region you could be kicked, punched, tasered, shot, intimidated, harassed, stripped, searched, brutalized, terrorized, wrongfully arrested, and akin useless by using a badge officer, and that administrator is rarely captivated chargeable for actionable your rights, the Bill of Rights doesn’t bulk to lots.

C is for CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE. This authoritative association to bankrupt Americans in their liberties—particularly, the appropriate to assets—is fact agitated out beneath the guise of civilian asset forfeiture, a central authority convenance in which authorities agents (normally the badge and now TSA retailers) appropriate clandestine acreage they “suspect” can be affiliated to bent hobby. Then, whether or now not any abomination is genuinely accurate to simply accept taken vicinity, the authorities continues the citizen’s acreage and it’s round cool to get it again.

D is for DRONES. It become estimated that at atomic 30,000 drones could be aerial in American airspace by way of 2020, allotment of an $eighty billion industry. Although a few drones might be acclimated for benevolent purposes, abounding will moreover have the ability with lasers, tasers and scanning devices, amid delivered guns—all geared toward “we the people.”

E is for EMERGENCY STATE. From Sep 11 to COVID-19, we accept been the subjected to an “emergency country” that justifies all address of presidency absolutism and capability grabs inside the alleged name of civic security. The government’s advancing tries to acknowledge alleged civic emergencies in adjustment to avoid the Constitution’s association of assessments and balances constitutes yet addition amplification of presidential capability that exposes the nation to introduced built-in peril.

F is for FASCISM. A abstraction performed via Princeton and Northwestern University assured that the U.S. Government does now not represent most of the people of American citizens. Instead, the abstraction activate that the authorities is disqualified by using the prosperous and effective, or the alleged “monetary elite.” Moreover, the advisers assured that behavior allowable by way of this authoritative aristocratic about constantly want suitable hobbies and lobbying agencies. In brought phrases, we are being dominated by using an oligarchy disguised as a democracy, and arguably on our way seem fascism—a anatomy of presidency location clandestine amassed pursuits rule, cash calls the photographs, and the bodies are credible as bald bread-and-butter devices or databits.

G is for GRENADE LAUNCHERS and GLOBAL POLICE. The federal authorities has disbursed delivered than $18 billion account of battlefield-appropriate aggressive weapons, cartage and device which include drones, tanks, and armament launchers to calm badge departments above the u . S .. As a result, fine alone badge armament now receive plentiful firepower to cede any aborigine attrition futile. Now booty the ones on my own badge forces, alternation them to attending and act like the navy, and again admit them to be allotment of the United Nations’ Strong Cities Network software, and also you no longer alone be given a continuing military that operates above the potential of the Constitution but one that is allotment of a all-around badge force.

H is for HOLLOW-POINT BULLETS. The government’s efforts to militarize and weaponize its organizations and advisers is good sized ballsy proportions, with federal organizations as assorted as the Department of Homeland Aegis and the Amusing Aegis Administration stockpiling thousands and thousands of baleful hollow-factor bullets, which breach all-embracing law. Ironically, whilst the government maintains to develop for stricter gun legal guidelines for the generic population, the U.S. Army’s armory of weapons makes the boilerplate American’s blaster attending like a Tinker Toy.

I is for the INTERNET OF THINGS, in which net-linked “things” adviser your property, your bloom and your habits in adjustment to accumulate your stomach stocked, your utilities tailored and your movement beneath ascendancy and almost fear-loose. The key chat right here, but, is manipulate. This “linked” industry propels us afterpiece to a drawing near location badge companies recognize round all and sundry if the government “thinks” they’ll accomplish a criminal offense, driverless cars abide the highways, and someone’s biometrics are continually scanned and acclimated to clue their actions, ambition them for marketing, and collect them beneath abiding surveillance.

J is for JAILING FOR PROFIT. Having outsourced their bedfellow citizenry to clandestine prisons run by clandestine agencies, this profit-driven anatomy of accumulation punishment has accustomed acceleration to a $70 billion clandestine bastille industry that is predicated on the abetment of accompaniment governments to build up their abreast run prisons abounding through jailing ample numbers of Americans for petty crimes.

K is for KENTUCKY V. KING. In an eight-1 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that badge admiral can breach into homes, after a warrant, akin if it’s the amiss domestic as continued as they count on they may take delivery of a acumen to do so. Despite the reality that the badge in catechism concluded up advancing the amiss suspect, invaded the amiss lodging and abandoned aloof approximately each assumption that stands amid the citizenry and a badge nation, the Cloister accustomed the warrantless raid, abrogation Americans with little absolute aegis in the face of all address of abuses with the aid of law management officials.

L is for LICENSE PLATE READERS, which accredit regulation management and clandestine businesses to clue the dwelling house of automobiles, and their occupants, all above the u . S . A .. This abstracts calm on tens of luggage of harmless our bodies is additionally being shared amid badge companies, as able-bodied as with government admixture centers and clandestine groups. This places Big Brother in the driving force’s seat.

M is for MAIN CORE. Since the 1980s, the U.S. Government has received and maintained, after accreditation or cloister order, a database of names and advice on Americans suggested to be threats to the state. As Salon reviews, this database, reportedly dubbed “Main Core,” is to be acclimated by the Army and FEMA in times of civic emergency or beneath aggressive regulation to discover and annular up Americans credible as threats to civic protection. There are at atomic eight actor Americans within the Main Core database.

N is for NO-KNOCK RAIDS. Owing to the militarization of the kingdom’s badge forces, SWAT teams at the moment are introduced reality deployed for familiar badge matters. In reality, added than 80,000 of these paramilitary raids are agitated out each year. That translates to delivered than two hundred SWAT aggregation raids every day wherein badge blast through doorways, coincidence clandestine assets, alarm adults and accouchement alike, annihilate ancestors pets, boost or shoot every body this is perceived as threatening—and all within the following of addition alone doubtable of against the law, typically control of a few toddler bulk of medicine.

O is for OVERCRIMINALIZATION and OVERREGULATION. Thanks to an glut of 4500-plus federal crimes and four hundred,000 additional regulations and guidelines, it’s anticipated that the boilerplate American simply commits 3 felonies an afternoon after alive it. As a aftereffect of this overcriminalization, we’re seeing an uptick in Americans actuality arrested and constrained for such cool “violations” as absolution their youngsters comedy at a esplanade unsupervised, accession rainwater and snow runoff on their very own assets, growing vegetables in their yard, and captivation Bible studies of their energetic room.

P is for PATHOCRACY and PRECRIME. When our personal authorities treats us as matters to be manipulated, maneuvered, mined for records, manhandled by using badge and brought government dealers, mistreated, and once more limited in profit-pushed clandestine prisons if we cartel footfall out of line, we are not any high-quality working underneath a built-in republic. Instead, what we are experiencing is a pathocracy: absolutism at the easily of a bananas government, which “operates adjoin the pursuits of its personal our bodies besides for benign assertive organizations.” Couple that with the authorities’s beginning precrime applications, with a purpose to use fusion facilities, abstracts amassing corporations, behavioral scientists, agencies, amusing media, and affiliation organizers and via relying on present day technology for surveillance, facial reputation, predictive policing, biometrics, and behavioral epigenetics in adjustment to analyze and preclude alleged abeyant “extremists,” dissidents or rabble-rousers. Bear in apperception that everyone credible as opposing the authorities—whether they’re Left, Appropriate or about in among—is now beheld as an extremist.

Q is for QUALIFIED IMMUNITY. Qualified immunity lets in badge admiral to airing overseas after wonderful a dime for his or her wrongdoing. Conveniently, the ones leader whether a cop should be allowed from accepting to by myself pay for misbehavior at the activity all accord to the aforementioned machine, all meeting with a vested absorption in attention the badge and their abominable cipher of silence: burghal and canton lawyers, badge commissioners, burghal councils and judges.

R is for ROADSIDE STRIP SEARCHES and BLOOD DRAWS. The courts be given added erred on the ancillary of giving government officers—particularly the police—sizable acumen in accustomed out band searches, claret draws and akin anal and vaginal probes for a ample ambit of violations, no bulk how accent the offense. In the past, band searches had been resorted to by myself in aberrant affairs area badge have been confident that a austere abomination became in development. In contempo years, but, band searches receive grow to be standard running methods in which anybody is rendered a doubtable and, as such, is subjected to evaluation already aloof for on my own the high-quality austere of criminals.

S is for the SURVEILLANCE STATE. On any accustomed day, the boilerplate American movement approximately his circadian business can be monitored, surveilled, spied on and tracked in delivered than 20 altered methods, with the aid of both government and accrued eyes and ears. A byproduct of the cyberbanking absorption affected in which we live, whether you’re taking walks thru a shop, lively your automobile, blockage e-mail, or speakme to accompany and ancestors at the telephone, you could be abiding that some authorities enterprise, whether the NSA or a few added entity, is alert in and tracking your behavior. This doesn’t akin spark off to blow at the accrued trackers that adviser your purchases, internet surfing, Facebook posts and added sports demography abode in the cyber sphere.

T is for TASERS. Nonlethal guns consisting of tasers, amaze guns, elastic pellets and so forth accept been acclimated by means of badge as guns of acquiescence brought normally and with below restraint—even adjoin ladies and kids—and in a few instances, akin inflicting death. These “nonlethal” guns moreover accredit badge to boost with the advance of a button, authoritative the abeyant for aureate confrontations over accent incidents that ample brought probably. A Taser Shockwave, as an example, can assassinate a army of our bodies on the blow of a button

U is for UNARMED CITIZENS SHOT BY POLICE. No nice is it ordinary to apprehend about incidents wherein badge shoot stuck people aboriginal and ask questions later, usually attributed to a abhorrence for his or her safety. Yet the fatality amount of on-duty convoying admiral is reportedly a long way lower than abounding introduced professions, along with construction, logging, fishing, barter riding, and akin debris collection.

V is for VIRUSES AND FORCED VACCINATIONS. What commenced out as an credible accomplishment to anticipate a strange coronavirus from lousy the country (and the world) has emerge as but addition business enterprise by means of which apple governments (together with the U.S.) can aggrandize their powers, corruption their authority, and introduced corruption their constituents. With millions of bucks in bang price range fact directed seem policing groups above the united states of america, the federal authorities affairs to action this COVID-19 virus with anarchism tools, gas masks, ballistic helmets, drones, and hi-tech surveillance generation. The alley we’re visiting is paved with lockdowns, SWAT aggregation raids, accumulation surveillance and affected vaccinations. Now there’s allocution of mobilizing the competitive to endure affected vaccinations, accumulation surveillance in adjustment to backpack out acquaintance tracing, and abundant fines and bastille time for folks that cartel to adventure out after a masks, besiege in adoration after the authorities’s blessing, or re-open their  groups after the authorities’s say-so.

W is for WHOLE-BODY SCANNERS. Using both x-ray radiation or radio waves, scanning add-ons and government adaptable gadgets are actuality acclimated now not on my own to “see” thru your clothes but to spy on you aural the aloofness of your private home. While these cellular scanners are reality awash to the American reachable as all-essential aegis and guarantee measures, we can sick permit to balloon that such systems are abounding with the abeyant for abuse, no longer on my own by authorities bureaucrats but by means of the technicians lively to accomplish them.

X is for X-KEYSCORE, one of the abounding spying packages agitated out by using the Civic Aegis Bureau that objectives every actuality within the United States who makes use of a laptop or cellphone. This clandestine affairs “lets in analysts to chase without a above-stated allotment thru all-inclusive databases absolute emails, online chats and the browsing histories of tens of millions of individuals.”

Y is for YOU-NESS. Using your face, mannerisms, a laugh media and “you-ness” adjoin you, you’re now be tracked primarily based on what you buy, region you move, what you do in public, and how you do what you do. Facial reputation software guarantees to actualize a affiliation wherein each by myself who accomplish out into on hand is tracked and recorded as they go approximately their circadian business. The ambition is for authorities dealers in order to browse a army of our bodies and anon examine all of the individuals gift. Facial attractiveness packages are fact fashioned out in states all above the u . S . A ..

Z is for ZERO TOLERANCE. We be given burdened into a brand new archetype wherein adolescent bodies are delivered beheld as suspects and advised as abyss via academy admiral and regulation management alike, regularly for agreeable in little added than toddler conduct or for adage the “incorrect” word. In a few jurisdictions, recognition be given additionally been penalized below academy aught altruism behavior for such inane “crimes” as accustomed ahem drops, cutting atramentous lipstick, bringing connect clippers to school, utility Listerine or Scope, and accustomed fold-out combs that resemble switchblades. The venture reality achieved to our youngest—and fine impressionable—citizens is this: inside the American badge country, you’re both a captive (shackled, managed, monitored, ordered approximately, certain in what you could do and say, your action no longer your own) or a bastille ambassador (politician, badge officer, choose, jailer, undercover agent, profiteer, and many others.).

As I accomplish shiny in my ebook Battlefield America: The War at the American People, the absoluteness we fee seem to agreement with is that inside the submit-Sept. 11 America we alive in these days, the government does some thing it needs, abandon be damned.

We take delivery of pressured above the technology of adumbrative government and entered a brand new age.

You can alarm it the age of authoritarianism. Or fascism. Or oligarchy. Or the American badge country.

Whatever characterization you urge for food to put on it, the cease aftereffect is the equal: tyranny.

Apartment Design Your Destiny

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